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Novella Review: Prime Meridian by Silvia Moreno Garcia

Amelia is a twenty something dreamer who feels her life is a giant black hole of failure. She’s struggling freelancer who doesn’t really know her place in her world– so she sets her hopes on on another — Mars. She’s dreamed of starting a new life and becoming a space explorer like the ones in the movies, but she doesn’t have the money to fund her dream.

She’s a freelances on an app and is reacquainted with her ex boyfriend after he hires/finds her. They rekindle their physical relationship, but Amelia knows its doomed. He’s a rich Mexican boy and she’s a poor nobody– there is no future for them. Still, she continues through the motions of a fake relationship — because why the hell not? There’s an air of nihilism that creeps into the pages.

In between the chapters, a screenplay about Mars is also being told. One of Amelia’s clients is a faded away old Mexican cinema star who is wasting away in a nursing home. The script feels like the idealized, nostalgic dreams of Mars tat Amelia has and is a welcome break in between all of the darkness.

I really enjoyed reading from Amelia’s perspective. Her bleak and often cynical view on life is pretty relatable to anyone else who has found themselves stuck in limbo. Her apathy towards certain situations made this novella burn slowly and quietly.

However, reader beware! The cover is slightly misleading as we never see her in space! Do not go into this expecting a space adventure because it ain’t happening y’all.


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